Grid: Agency Operations


Grid is a platform to orchestrate agency operations among various SaaS applications


A top Chicago digital agency, Aisle Rocket Studios wanted to streamline their agency operations. They were using a number of SaaS applications to run operations. However, there was a lot of common data in those applications like employees, projects, clients and permissions. They wanted to manage common data at one place. They wanted all the applications involved in their company operations to be in sync. They wanted to built it in a way that additional SaaS applications were easy to be added. Their Google organization was to drive users for all applications. Their time tracking tool, Harvest was to be integrated first.
''Overall the look and functions are great!''


The architecture was the biggest challenge. Data integrity in synchronization and ease of integrations with various SaaS APIs was very important. From technical standpoint, we decided to go with Ruby on Rails based solution with message queues for synchronizations. The APIs for common data were designed smartly with powerful error handling and notifications. From product standpoint, we teamed with the awesome product folks at AisleRocket and worked very closely with the leadership of their operations team. They have various office locations and keeping everyone on board was hard.
The challenge was that there wasn't any exact application you could refer to. It was hard to say things like, let's see how xyz is doing it and we'll just follow that.
Deployment and rollout was another challenge. We had to create adoption in the agency one team at a time. We had to get it part of their operations without halting any processes. On top of that, we had to provide very quick turn-around on support issues.
The second phase of the project was to develop a SaaS application for resource allocation. This was to be integrated with Grid too. They were using google sheets for this process and wanted an application very similar to that. We used firebase and react to build sheets with functionality specific to resource allocation. It pulled projects, clients and teams from Grid. The changes done by users to update the sheet are live and synced with every user in realtime.
Aisle Rocket Studios is one of the top 20 Digital Solution Providers of 2017
Aisle Rocket Studios have expanded this to run operations of 3 offices in 3 different cities. It is running company operations of over 200 people day in and day out. Aisle Rocket Studios is now the top 20 Digital Solution Providers of 2017, according to CIOReview. The Grid had a small yet meaningful part to play.


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