eCommerce & CMS


Working as a whitelisted team for a Chicago based digital agency, we delivered the backend framework for catalog and content management for major brands of Sears Holdings - Kenmore and Diehard.


Their goal was a to come up with a non-licensed solution for product catalog management and content management for websites of their three major brands. We had to rebuild their existing websites, preserving search equity on product urls. The solution was to lead users to for purchase. However, a complete product catalog was to be built.


We evaluated open source e-commerce solutions. Spree, built on top on Ruby on Rails was the most widely used open source framework for e-commerce. The challenge was to provide a powerful CMS with Spree. We opted to use comfortable mexican sofa. It is a highly flexible open source CMS. We extended its functionality so that it works well with Spree framework. The intend was to allow powerful content management on category pages, which were rendered by Spree.
Extremely fulfilling 4 months of my life. I got to work super fast with a coolest team.
Another challenging part part of the application was to keep the product catalog updated using feeds from Sears. A robust state management system was developed which would import products from sears on a daily basis. Detailed logs were maintained. Notification triggers were placed and product state management was brought in place.
The project was executed using agile methodologies and a very quick turn around waS given. A team for 3 developers were handling the backend. It took 4 months to deliver this application. It required extremely close collaboration with product catalog management teams.