Loyalty Platform


Craftsman Club is a loyalty platform for owners of Craftsman tools. Hobbyists and DIY makers can collaborate, share ideas and get inspired.


Their goal was to build a community of craftsman makers. It has five types of content - DIY projects, member specific product deals, inspirations, blog and discussion. Social engagement was to be built around these content. Users would have a social wall similar to Facebook. They can make friends, follow seasoned makers, get inspired from each other’s work and collaborate to build things.


The application was built in Ruby on Rails with a Postgres Database. There were various integrations like pulling deals from Sears’ product feed, wordpress for blog and Live Fyre to bring in social feeds of users. Development was done with a team of developers, execution manager, user experience engineers and test engineers over a period of around 6 months. Development was done in weekly sprints with close collaboration with the digital team in Chicago.
We use this project as our benchmark of excellence. Among our best work!
The users could sign up using then Sears universal login. They were able to setup their profile and mention their interests like woodworking or automotive or home improvement etc. Algorithms were designed so that users would see content of their interest. Social elements of liking, sharing, commenting and tagging were available of all types of user generated content. Members could post images, create projects with steps showcasing their work. It also had a very powerful administration area where the content can be curated and moderated.
Club has more than 300,000 members at this point. It became a major source of traffic to craftsman tools in deals.
Craftsman brand was sold to $900 million and Club was part of that deal


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