Smart Tractors


Smart lawn mower application connects with a lawn mower and helps maintain it using run hours and battery voltage.


The age-old toolmaker brand of US, wanted to bring improvement in the way their lawn mowers are maintained. Kwanso team was engaged through our partner agency to build their smart iOS and Android applications.

The goal was to connect with the lawn mowers using Bluetooth Low Energy and pull valuable metrics from the mower, like run hours and battery voltages. The applications were to alert the user on maintenance of lawn mowers using those metrics. Any help or maintenance guidelines were to be accessible through these applications too.

Using location, weather and their mow activity, the application was also supposed to notify users when the conditions were perfect for them to mow their lawn.

''Works great! Very helpful, especially the alerts on when the conditions are good to mow.''


Step zero was to confirm that the technology works. The lawn mowers were transmitting information through service discovery profile protocol of Bluetooth. The manufacturer was able to provide us with the device that transmits hours and voltage information. The team ran a proof of concept application which would just read the data through native support in iOS for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. The bytes were converted to meaningful data.

We realized quickly that it wasn’t possible to get these applications through development and testing using the test devices. Our step one was to create an android app to simulate the data transmitted by mower. This was a one week effort but it would help us reduce the overall timelines.

The next step was to come up with an IoT architecture to consume data with high flux. We had to maintain this data on server so it cane be used to trigger maintenance notifications. A very thin API layer was written with a high availability data storage. iOS and Androids applications were to be developed using the native languages - Swift and Java.
Using location, weather and their mow activity, the application also reminded users when their grass would be long enough and weather would be good enough for them to mow their lawns.

The applications also gave access to troubleshooting guides and How-to information related to user’s respective mower model. The brand started with 4 lawn mowers and after the success, they rolled out support for more than 200 models now.

Around 250 active users out of 6000 users with lawn mowers