Personalized Jewelry Storefront


For over 20 years, Limoges Jewelry have been supplying top name retailers and customers with exquisite jewelry and personalized pieces. Kwanso helped scale their online business for holiday season.


Limoges Jewelry wanted increase it’s revenue from online store. Their marketing team was able to drive users to the store but the site was not able to keep up with that. On days of high traffic, users had a terrible experience. The downtime would increase. The site performance would drop. Becoming PCI compliant was another milestone set for 2016.

They also wanted to build a cool front end experience for charms and bracelets. They wanted customers to assemble their own bracelet with different charms.


The shop was built on Magento. The first step we took was to integrate analytics and monitoring tools on the infrastructure and application. We started collecting data related to traffic, server response times, page load times and various performance metrics. This was important to understand the bottlenecks and limitations of the platform.
Black Friday was crazy. Looking at the traffic patterns, we decided to switch from a hardware load balancer to a software load balancer to avoid any downtime. The cool part is that we were able to pull it off. Red bulls all over the place.
When we started Limoges could serve around 60 concurrent users with an average server response time of 3.59s. The infrastructure had 2 instances with a hardware load balancer. The page cache was a separate server which also hosted the database.

These changes were done on top of the PCI compliance project of Limoges. Holiday season saw a peak of 650+ concurrent users with 2.3sec of server response time.

Black Friday had 650+ peak concurrent users. That's 10 times more.
The bracelet design experience was another cool project for Limoges. The experience was build in Angular 2. It allowed you to assemble your bracelet with various charms.