Best Price for Everything

iOS, ANDROID DEVELOPMENT is the most comprehensive AI powered product search engine for consumers, specializing in providing alternative shopping options. Kwanso built their mobile apps and chrome extension.

GOAL had a very valuable domain name. The idea was to make it extremely easy to get the price for any product. They were looking to get their mobile applications out there. They wanted to launch them as MVP and wanted them to be built really quickly. The backend APIs were under development too and they wanted quick iterations and evolve as we go. Besides this they were looking to get a Chrome Extension in the marketplace which makes suggestion for alternative sources of the product opened in browser, extremely accessible.


2016 had lots going on in hybrid applications. We had to land on a tech stack for the applications first. We wanted single development to generate iOS and Android applications. Cordova based frameworks made a lot of sense. We wanted to use a javascript framework so we don’t loose structure even if we have to go fast. We picked Ionic with Cordova. Chrome extension came in later but we used Javascript for that too.
The team in SF was handling front-end, while we managed backend. We turned being on different time-zones to our advantage.
Pulling off a fast experience was critical. We couldn’t let the user wait for ages while we pulled up the price comparisons. It was architected beautifully.
Although it was our first time writing a production worthy chrome extension, we didn’t face the learning curve we expected. The chrome extension put on Chrome web store and it played a very important role in adoption.
Price raised $2M in seed round