A college admission advising platform developed to enable students to get into their dream institution, with the help of a Mentor. Essays are an integral part of admission process of Universities. College Advisor (previously Bullseye) helped students get mentorship from Alumni of the institute they want to apply in, especially on writing essays.

What we've done

1. Strategic Discovery

2. Web application implementation from scratch

3. Post launch Support and Maintenance

4. Technical audits for fund raising

We've got work to do

The founders shared the idea with us back in late 2019. The user experience and design was provided to us and Kwanso was to provide the technical team to develop the web front end and backend application. We used Node.js backend and developed the frontend in React. GraphQL was used with TypeScript. The UI was clean and implementation was on point. We were able to launch the first version within 3 months.

Level asked as to help

— Use modern technology stack and practices

— Build an extensible application which can be scaled later on

Check out what their product manager had to say about us:

Build a Kickass Remote Dev Team